Get Involved with [FAB]

If you believe in [FAB]'s mission and want to help, there are many ways to give back and be involved in our cause. Take a look at which method may work for you:

Donate Funds

​Your donation would help us to:
  • Become an official non-profit organization
  • Pay for future events
  • Maintain our no-cost membership
  • Provide scholarships to our student members
  • Provide career development for our professional members

Give [FAB]ulous Advice

Have guidance or tips to share? Send us a quote to post on our Twitter and Facebook pages under our [FAB]ulous Advice program. We can suggest a topic and you don’t have to use your name if you'd rather not: we can simply include your job title and/or the part of the industry you work in.

Be Featured

Can you tell us about your career? Write us a few paragraphs about your job and what it entails.  We will feature you in the “Careers in Focus” section of our monthly newsletter.

Speak at an Event

Offer your venue or expertise for an episode of the podcast.

Conduct a Virtual Job Shadow

We want to show our membership what it’s like to walk a day in your shoes. Take a series of short videos on your smart phone and text them to us. It only takes a few minutes and you never have to leave your workplace.

Host a Traditional Job Shadow

As part of our Career Quarterback program, host a student or young professional [FAB] member for a 1-day on-the-job training session.  Your 'shadow' would visit your place of work to get an idea of what a person in your role does every day.  It doesn’t have to be glamorous or exciting, just informative. [FAB] will match you up with another member based on your job and her interests/major.  We’ll introduce you by email and the scheduling is up to you.

Become a Mentor

A [FAB] Career Coach agrees to be a long-term mentor for our young women.  In this role, you'd communicate at least about once a month with a mentee using whatever means you agree on (phone, text, email, in person).  [FAB] matches you up with a student member based on your job and her interests/major.  We’ll introduce you by email and the rest is up to you both, with some help each month by means of an emailed conversation starter.

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An organization for women professionals and students in the sports business industry.
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